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The Shochu Handbook - An Introduction to Japan's Indigenous Distilled Drink: è il più venduto, la valutazione media è 4,5 con 25 recensioni

Mizu Saga Barley Shochu - Mizu - 700 ml: seconda posizione per questo prodotto

The Complete Guide to Japanese Drinks: Sake: terza posizione per questo prodotto, la valutazione media è 4,7 con 47 recensioni
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The Shochu Handbook - An Introduction to Japan's Indigenous Distilled Drink
25 Recensioni


This is fun reading; Japan is more than sake
This is fun reading; Japan is more than sake.
A unique guide to Shochu
Well written and crowdfunded, this is a smart book who want to know more a bout Shochu and the world behind it. Pellegrini is really readable and gives a lot of information without going to much into detail. Its rather prose than a teaching guide, and you can feel the compassion with which it is written. A little more information on the production steps might be a good idea for a second edition, which hopefully will follow. The book deserves to be read by Sommeliers and lovers of the japanese culture as well. Well done !
A superb guide to an almost unknown category of drinks
Christopher Pellegrini created a fantastic guide to a type of alcoholic drinks which is nearly unknown outside of Japan. Even so it is highly popular in Japan and comes in a wide variety of aromas and tastes. A nice fact from first chapters: shochu is even selling better then sake (nihonshu) within Japan. The book provides general background about shochu, from its history to how it gets created. It clarifies how shochu is different from other international distilled alcoholic drinks. It details the subcategories and describes why Honkaku Shochu and Awamori have such a complex character compared to other drinks. A detailed description of serving styles and further recipes for cocktails and liqueurs can also be found in the book. Even a basic Japanese lessen for ordering shochu in Japan was added, as well as a guide on how to interpret the Japanese symbols on bottle labels. Starting from the middle of the book there are suggestions on where to start with trying your first shochu, followed by a list of 33 recommended brand labels. The book is easy to read, even so some terms might not get explained in the first chapters, but the book comes with a nice glossary at the end. I recommend this book to anyone interested in tasty alcoholic drinks.

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Mizu Saga Barley Shochu - Mizu - 700 ml
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