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Kirby G10 G10E G10SE Sacchetti HEPA originale per aspirapolvere-Cinghia di trasmissione, confezione da 12 pezzi), 1 cintura
  • Sacchetti per aspirapolvere originali Kirby completi di cinghie di trasmissione compatibili realizzate per Spares2go (confezione da 12)
  • Per modelli: G10 G10E G10SE
  • Confezione da 12 sacchetti per aspirapolvere HEPA originali ad alta filtrazione per il tuo aspirapolvere Kirby. Grazie alla tecnologia MicroAllergen, questi sacchetti sono ideali per l'uso a casa per dare ad alte prestazioni la filtrazione di polvere e sporco minimizzando la percentuale di polvere, polline, acari e altre particelle.
  • Caratteristiche del prodotto: materiale caricato elettrostaticamente intrappola la materia particella micron. Mantiene la filtrazione HEPA del vostro aspirapolvere MicroAllergen Techonology - Riduce la comune polvere domestica, polline, acari e altre particelle. Adatto a borse tipo F e Twist G10, G10E, G10SE
  • Sacchetti di ricambio originali Kirby e cinghia di trasmissione compatibile

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Bestseller No. 2
Kirby Sentria 2 SE2 G11 G11D - Ugello di montaggio per aspirapolvere
  • Ugello originale per superficie Kirby per Sentria 2
  • Kirby Parte # 215412 (Grigio Francese)


this works so much better than the floor attachment that was in the kirby attachment pack that came with the vac.
Quality product and prompt delivery
Arrived relatively quick and quality is superb.
A solid, hard surface sweep.
Kirby not only makes some of the best vacuums they make outstanding attachments as well. And this bare floor sweep is a perfect example. This is one of the best, if not *the* best, hard surface nozzle you can buy. I actually purchased this sweep for our NuTone whole house vacuum system. While this is a genuine Kirby attachment, it will fit virtually any vacuum with a 1 1/4" wand or hose. I have used this attachment on my shop vac to clean the sawdusty floors of my shop; it works great. We have a 25+ year old Kirby and were always "stealing" the floor sweep to use on our whole house vacuum; we have a lot of hardwood and ceramic flooring in our home. The original NuTone bare floor sweep was, to put it nicely, junk. While the NuTone sweep had wheels on it, it would often suction itself to the bare floor ...because it only had *two* wheels on it. What makes this Kirby unit so good is the fact it has *four* wheels underneath; one at each corner. Whereas when using the NuTone sweep we often had to use less than full suction to keep the thing from sucking itself to the floor, the Kirby sweep allows full suction and literally glides across most solid flooring. It is well built, light and maneuverable; it's low profile makes it easy to get under all but the lowest riding furniture. The sweep has a partial, spring loaded bristle bar in the center of the attachment more to just hold and direct dirt to the full flow of suction. So if you've got a lot of solid flooring, this is a solid hard surface sweep matter what make of vacuum you have.

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Bestseller No. 3
Kirby - Sacchetti per aspirapolvere Micron Magic, filtro HEPA con tecnologia MicroAllergen Plus, bianco, 1 Package of 6 bags
  • Sacchetti Kirby per aspirapolvere, con filtro HEPA, con tecnologia MicroAllergen Plus.
  • Si tratta di un prodotto originale Kirby.
  • Stile universale compatibile con i modelli F-Style e Twist Kirby.
  • Adatto ai modelli: Avalir, Sentria, Ultimate G, Diamond Edition, Generation G3 G4 G5 G6 G7 G8 G9 G10 G11 G12.


Va benissimo per Kirby avalir
Consegna veloce, materiale come avevo originale, la misura perfetta per la mia Kirby avalir
Semplicemente, sono i sacchetti originali della Kirby.
qualità - prezzo
Ottimo prodotto/originale - ottimo prezzo - per singolo sacchetto risparmi più del 50%

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