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L'urlo e il furore: si tratta del più acquistato, ha ottenuto una recensione media di 3,9 con 20 recensioni

Mentre morivo: medaglia d’argento per questo prodotto, la recensione media è di 3,7 con 45 recensioni

The Sound And The Fury [Lingua inglese]: terza posizione per questo prodotto, con una recensione media da parte degli utenti di 3,8 con 592 recensioni
OffertaBestseller No. 1
L'urlo e il furore
20 Recensioni
L'urlo e il furore
  • Faulkner, William (Author)

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Macbeth 5.5
Esperienza di lettura non lineare. Emozione più che comprensione. Quattro voci narrano la stessa storia: la complessità dell'esperienza umana. 'It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.'
Una lettura estiva davvero piacevole
Libro consigliato da un collega per una lettura estiva...e ne sono rimasta estasiata! Consegna perfetta e nei tempi

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OffertaBestseller No. 2
Mentre morivo
45 Recensioni
Mentre morivo
  • Faulkner, William (Author)

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Articolo come da descrizione.
Da leggere!!!
Un classico della letteratura americana e si capisce perché è diventato un classico! Un libro intenso è scritto con uno stile originale e sorprendente. Mi è piaciuto moltissimo!
assolutamnete da leggere, resta fisso nella mente ogni parole ogni frase letta; da avere assolutamente nella propria libreria personale. un must!

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OffertaBestseller No. 3
The Sound And The Fury [Lingua inglese]
592 Recensioni

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Tale told by...
There are four narrative voices in work, three are Faulkner in character and the final one his own third person narrator with all the fine detail you may expect. It is, perhaps as his first novel,easier to piece together than Absalom Absalom in which he revisits a couple of the characters. A tale of a southern family who variously seem to be hardput to maintain their projected dignity, or bent on self destruction and appear increasingly dysfunctional as the plot unravels only to turn back upon itself and end where it started, again with a semblance of order. In parallel and in contrast runs the story of the black help who seem infinitely better adjusted to their circumstance. Faulkner s literary treatment of this latter group may seem problematic to a present day reader, may even raise a few eyebrows but one can't help feeling it is sympathetic, though I feel unqualified to comment on possible uncle Tom element of it.
Well Worth The Effort
This book is exceptional. It's not an easy read by any means so don't choose it as part of your holiday reading but the effort is definitely worth it. The book is split up into four parts which get progessively easier to read. They are by four different narrators and four different points of view of what is basically the disintegration of a once wealthy family in the deep south of America circa 1920's. It's well worth reading this book for Faulkner's prose alone.
It is really best to go with the flow as another reviewer has ...
This is actually a testing narrative, or a series of narratives, particularly the second by Quentin I found, with the continual movement in time frames, but it is without doubt worth the effort to persevere as the book is a piece of creative genius the likes that one seldom has the privilege to read, and relates much to the sentiments of the passage from Macbeth from where the title of the book is taken. It is really best to go with the flow as another reviewer has suggested and appreciate the different narratives from three brothers caught up in one family's fall from grace in the American south with the ever present racial intolerance and the shame of one of the brother's mental incapacity and a sister's promiscuity - made more remarkable by the first narrative being the inward voice/observations of Ben, the brother with mental incapacity and the second narrative by Quentin, whose depression leads to suicide. The third narrative is by the more volatile brother who seeks redress for his lot in the family downfall and the events that unfold when his niece steals his ill begotten savings in the final part that moves from the individual's subjective perspective.

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