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3Wickets Premium Springback Stumps: si tratta del più acquistato, la recensione media è di 3,4 con 2 recensioni

Sticky Wickets: seconda posizione per questo prodotto, la recensione media è di 4,5 con 80 recensioni

Death Before Wicket: Miss Phryne Fisher Investigates: terza posizione per questo prodotto, con una recensione media da parte degli utenti di 4,4 con 10 recensioni
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3Wickets Premium Springback Stumps
2 Recensioni
3Wickets Premium Springback Stumps
  • Fascia posteriore di alta qualità.
  • Realizzato in legno duro e robusto.
  • Ideale per sessioni match e pratiche.
  • Base resistente per una maggiore stabilità.

Recensioni del prodotto

Good quality product but the price is also bit higher
The base is strong also the woods looks of good quality .. the only negative aspect is the relatively higher price
Wonderful set of stumps
It is standard size, very good quality, comes with stand which has springs, over all a great product

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Bestseller No. 2
Sticky Wickets
80 Recensioni
Sticky Wickets
  • Audio CD – Audiobook
  • 07/09/2013 (Publication Date) - VIDOL (Publisher)

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Entrambi Irlandesi.
Ancora una collaborazione tra Neil Hannon creatore dei Divine Comedy e Thomas Walsh leader dei Pugwash..entrambi irlandesi. Pubblicazione senza grandi ascoltabile davanti a un buon boccale di birra in allegria.
If anything, better than the first album - how much mileage can they wring from cricket??
Impossible to imagine that a whole concept album of any quality could be written on the subject of cricket yet, if anything, this second album is even better than the first. The music covers a wide range of genres, even bordering on heavy rock at times. It really feels like a top notch stage show in the making (if only their were enough cricket lovers among musical goers). In fact, the cricket is often just a cover for some completely different underlying theme, especially Out in the Middle (for me, the stand-out track). Having bought this at the same time as Divine Comedy's Foreverland, this for me is the better of the 2 - terrific.

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OffertaBestseller No. 3
Death Before Wicket: Miss Phryne Fisher Investigates
10 Recensioni

Recensioni del prodotto

Larwoods year
Didn't realise how long a test career players of yesteryear had. One of Kerry's more humorous books. Had me laughing out loud several times. Don't need to be more than remotely interested in the game to enjoy the book. If you know Sydney - which I don't then I would imagine that walking round parts with an a-z or its equivalent would be illuminating. I called this review 'Larwood' as it became known as the bodyline tour. As usual Phrynne has encounters told with fun more than anything else. This time the bloke gets a chance to think some thoughts. Some serious bits concerning the ways and attitudes which some men and some bits of society had / have towards women especially those who were "no better than they deserve" Sadly that still exists. Probably says a lot about at least one school I taught in. I've read this twice and will read it again at some time and pick out more bits I missed last time
Cricket and crime
Phryne travels to Sydney - partly to watch the test match - but also to visit the university. Two of the students have secured an introduction to her and want her to try and find out who has stolen various items from a safe as they do not believe their friend, Adam Harcourt is guilty. Phryne soon decides she agrees with them. There is a sub plot involving Dot Williams Phryne's companion and maid. Dot wants to visit her sister who lives in Sydney but finds she has disappeared and her husband does not know where she is. There are some marvellous characters in this well written mystery story and many secrets will need to be revealed before the crimes are solved and people can get on with their lives. I enjoyed the background of Egyptian magic and ritual and Phryne makes a marvellous re-incarnation of the goddess Isis. I thought the plot was more complex than some books in this series and I found I stayed up late to finish it because I had to know what happened and how it was resolved. As ever Phryne finds a new lover and it isn't one of the most obvious candidates either. It was nice to see Dot playing a bigger part in the story and I thought the solution to her problems was very well done. This is an entertaining mystery which is part of a series but can be read as a standalone story. The first book in the series isCocaine Blues (Phryne Fisher Mysteries)
Death before Wicket review
I always like the Phryne Fisher books, I have loads of them on my kindle and read them for relaxation. I also have all the DVD series. This book is good but not as enjoyable as some of the others, I thought. The plot is very complex and while I greatly admire the amount of research Kerry Greenwood does, I think there's a bit much of it. She seems to equate magic and spirituality, an idea with which I disagree, so that might be something to do with my not entirely positive reaction. The cricket sounds entirely true to life (I do watch cricket sometimes).

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