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Sadeghi Persian Santoor, Santur, Dulcimer con custodia rigida
  • Strumento: 9 Kharak Sadeghi Goldar Santoor
  • Nome: Santoor, Santur, Santour, Santoori, Dulcimer martellato
  • Accordatura: scala G 89 x 28 x 7 cm
  • Peso netto: 2,90 kg
  • Peso con custodia rigida: 7,30 kg (7,10 ~ 7,50 kg)

Recensioni del prodotto

It is a good professional instrument.
It is a butiful santour. I decided to learn instrument since I am home for Covid 19 at very old age.
Very fast delivery. Knocked a star off as it was smaller than expected. They should put the size in the ad.

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Bestseller No. 2
Persian Quality Santoor Santur Dulcimer Strumento musicale a corda
  • Qualità persiana 9 Kharak Santoor
  • Accordatura: scala G 90 x 26,5 x 7 cm.
  • Legno di noce, Corde: Ottone, Acciaio,
  • Peso netto: 2,90 kg.
  • Viene fornito con custodia rigida, extra di corde, due martelli e la chiave per accordatura.

Recensioni del prodotto

Manual needs to be fownloaded
Was absolutely delighted with this product. But rem no manual with it. This, however, may be downloaded and gives instructions for tuning etc. very portable .
I love it.
Very good quality santoor, It came totally in bubble rapped. It came fast. They are very quick if you have any question or concern.
Very nice piece!
Admittedly, I don't know much about hammered dulcimers; I bought this as a gift. It's the cheapest one I could find that still looked of some quality, so I'd consider this an "entry level" hammered dulcimer. The quality of the workmanship seems decent, if minimalistic in form. It definitely has a distinctive sound, like a small harpsichord. The case is good but the instrument does have some room to move around inside so I would still handle it carefully. Shipping from Turkey was faster than expected; I believe it only took about two weeks to get to me (Northwest Indiana). I did notice that the bridges are independent pegs, one for each line of strings, which has me somewhat concerned as they can move around freely and I would suspect that would affect the tuning. They are mainly held in place by each line of 4 strings, so it might hard to keep them in place and tune the instrument correctly. There are also no dots or lines indicating exactly where the pegs should be placed. Time will tell as I'm about to present this as a Xmas gift, so I'll update my review later. [Edit] I'm updating this to 5 stars. I got it for my mom who wanted a hammered dulcimer, but she couldn't figure it out. So recently I borrowed it back and watched some vids and charts online, and figured out how to tune and play a Santoor in a couple hours. Tuning took most of that time as the left bridge positioning has to be adjusted until you get the perfect octave on each side. Even while tuning it, I noticed how wonderful the acoustic chamber sounded, almost like a giant cave in a very small space, and when done it sounded amazing. I found it intuitive and easy to play, and while the construction is undecorated it does have the feel and look of a quality instrument. I normally play electric bass and I'm very impressed with this. Enough to want to steal it for myself. 😉 For the price, I'd have to recommend this very strongly. But, be prepared to learn something pretty new and to spend a lot of time on tuning, especially if you don't already know about Santoors and how they differ from american dulcimers.

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Bestseller No. 3
Maharaja Classical Indian Santoor/Santur – Buy note di colore naturale – 31 – 93 corde, box (pdi-bif)
  • & # x2714; nuovo prodotto originale
  • & #; Power & Super Veloce spedizione – paghiamo dazio per gli acquirenti del Regno Unito. Nessun costo nascosto o surprizes.
  • & #; Santoor classico di qualità professionale
  • & #; mazzuoli e corde di ricambio sono inclusi. Viene fornito in valigetta
  • & #; strumento professionale testato prima della spedizione – Realizzata a mano in India

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