Il miglior libro di Tayeb Salih del 2020

Ecco la classifica dei migliori prodotti per la categoria Libro Di Tayeb Salih:

Season of Migration to the North: si tratta del più acquistato, ha ottenuto una recensione media di 4,6 con 191 recensioni

Mansi A Rare Man in His Own Way: medaglia d’argento per questo prodotto, la recensione media è di 5,0 con 2 recensioni

The Return: Fathers: terza posizione per questo prodotto, con una recensione media da parte degli utenti di 4,1 con 361 recensioni
OffertaBestseller No. 1
Season of Migration to the North
191 Recensioni

Recensioni del prodotto

One of my favourite books
Used it for one of my modules. Came on time. One of the most interesting stories I've ever read
Great fiction
Recommnd to anyone intersted in learning about Sudanese culture behind the scene
Bellissimo libro! Ne consiglio la lettura Amazon semore impeccabile con la consegna

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Bestseller No. 2
Mansi A Rare Man in His Own Way
2 Recensioni

Recensioni del prodotto

Delightful and uplifting
The very first translation of Tayeb Salih's nonfiction is a delightful and uplifting read. These memoirs of the 60s and 70s reveal Salihs cosmopolitan life in London working for BBC Arabic and later on travelling widely with UNESCO. The book is themed around Salihs outrageous friend Mansi who gets into scrapes , makes a fortune and manages to make friends with the reclusive Samuel Becket. Adil Babiker's translation captures the cadence and humour in Salihs voice. At times to be honest I did wish for less of the impish Mansi and more of Salih. But nevertheless it was a joy to keep company with the genius behind Season of Migration and I hope that more of his nonfiction writing will be made available to English language readers.

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Bestseller No. 3
The Return: Fathers, Sons and the Land In Between (English Edition)
361 Recensioni

Recensioni del prodotto

Amazing account
I was immersed in Matar's world, you can feel his sense of alienation. There are very powerful passages about the sense of loss of the father and the gap it leaves on Matar's life. There are beautiful details about family life from a lavish dinner party his mothers prepared, to time spent with his almost ascetic grandfather. The personal and historic merge seamlessly.
When we put economic growth before human rights....a book for our time
Privileged access into the psyche of the son of a Libyan political dissident, who strives to come to terms with the fact that his father - who was arrested without warning during the author's childhood - was probably killed in a State authorised massacre whilst a political prisoner in Libya's most infamous prison. At times this was a desperately sad read. It reminded me, in parts, of the narratives of Auschwitz survivors and religiously affiliated prisoners of the former Eastern Bloc Communist regimes. Overall this was a book that made me commit - emotionally, practically and financially - to the promotion of universal human rights; and not many books in my experience have made such an impression.
Excellent book, moving and desperate. This book has been a fond companion to me in a difficult time. I thank the author for this intimate account of his life.

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