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Invisible Man: si tratta del più acquistato, ha ottenuto una recensione media di 4,5 con 2399 recensioni

The Collected Essays of Ralph Ellison: Revised and Updated (Modern Library Classics) (English Edition): medaglia d’argento per questo prodotto, la recensione media è di 4,8 con 37 recensioni

Living With Music: Ralph Ellison's Jazz Writings: 1: terza posizione per questo prodotto, con una recensione media da parte degli utenti di 4,5 con 11 recensioni
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Invisible Man
2.399 Recensioni
Invisible Man
  • Ellison, Ralph (Author)

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Excellent and still relevant writing
Excellent and still relevant writing about the issues faced by the African Americans in the US. Though the period in the book refers to the early 20th century, it still seems relevant today. This book (and the writer) was referenced by James Baldwin a few times.
Black humour
This belongs up there with Boccaccio, Rabelais, Cervantes and yes Chaucer. It is an absolute romp through black America, as if someone had asked the author to tell them about what it meant to be black and he'd said to them and to himself "I'LL show you...' And in the showing there is a great reserve of humour though as with The Sellout one could never be sure of the intention of humour, as though it were an unconscious product of the skin colour interface. Yet in the end it is common humanity in an existential quandary that comes to the fore, or rather takes a back seat. On the way we are treated to various religious, political and downright tragic scenarios and strategies for each of which the orator in Ellison has a rip roaring speech. Great stuff!
great quality product for such a cheap price
Arrived quickly, great quality product for such a cheap price! Thank you!

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Bestseller No. 2
The Collected Essays of Ralph Ellison: Revised and Updated (Modern Library Classics) (English Edition)
37 Recensioni

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A man of astounding intellect, passion, courage and warmth
Mr. Ellison was the writer, first and foremost, that inspired me to write. The virtuosity of his prose, its complexity for the sake of revealing insights, sometimes unpopular, but always bone honest, will leave you in awe of his intellect, his passion, courage and warmth. He hits his stride the best with me when he talks about jazz, and how it reflects the society into which it was born. There are passages here I reread for inspiration, when I need to be reminded why one is called to write. One of the greats, to be sure. Enjoy!
Great Read
One of the better books I've ever read. I felt I knew the people of color who Ellison describes as he tells his story.
Five Stars

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Living With Music: Ralph Ellison's Jazz Writings: 1
11 Recensioni

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Five Stars
Truly a great American writer.
Five Stars
Thank you.

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